CPL Helpsheets - Introduction

CPL Helpsheets - Introduction


These helpsheets form part of CPL's Knowledge Base which is available for all CPL users at  https://contact.cplsoftware.com/portal/home

Helpsheets are designed to be a quick support in order to supplement the list of training guides available in this Knowledge Base. Some are designed to be standalone and some are designed to be read in conjunction with a training guide.

The CPL Knowledge Base will be continually updated with additional guides and information. If you have any questions or suggestions for further guides we’d be happy to hear from you.

You can contact CPL Support by emailing us at  support@cplsoftware.com  or through our portal at   https://contact.cplsoftware.com/portal/home  or calling us on 0345 646 0240 (option 1).

Please click on the links below to access PDF versions of our helpsheets.

This list will grow as more helpsheets are produced and each helpsheet will be kept up to date as developments are made to the software itself.

Please note, you can find links to the CPL Training Guides here.
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